Costco is offering the iPhone 12 for $35 per month

The deal also includes several free accessories

iPhone 12

Costco is offering an iPhone 12 deal that’s surprisingly great.

First spotted by RedFlagDeals user ‘chrisli779,’ you can now get a 128GB iPhone 12 from Costco, along with a Fido connection for a total of $75 per month for the first year and $85 per month for the second. This contract deal will last two years, and you get to keep the phone with you once the contract is paid off.

It’s worth noting that this deal is only available at Costco’s in-store mobile kiosks and is subject to device availability.

The deal includes the following:

Fido plan:

10GB Fido plan with unlimited calling /texting for $40 per month for the first year. The plan stays consistent for the second year with a $10 addition, bringing the total to $50 per month for the second year.


The device is available for $0 down with a payment of $35 tab per month for two years. As noted by chrisli779, it’s better to go for the 128GB variant, as the 64GB model is only $3 cheaper per month. As mentioned earlier, once the contract is paid off, you get to keep the phone forever.
Considering that the 128GB iPhone 12 still retails for $1,129, this is a great offer as you only pay $840 for the phone over the period of two years.

In addition to the purchase, RFD user chrisli779 also received a $150 Costco gift card, a $100 Fido bill credit, a rapid car charger, a 20W wall charger and a pair of iQ Pods Bluetooth Headset all for free.

Head over to a Costco store if you wish to claim the deal, or learn more about it here.

Via: RedFlagDeals