Google adds long exposure night time videography to Pixel devices

This new feature is available in Pixel 4 and newer devices

Google Pixel 4, 4a and 3

Google’s latest feature drop adds a lot of exciting and useful features to Pixel devices.

Let’s unpack all the changes:

Night time videography

Google’s Night Sight camera mode is an expert in taking long exposure shots in low-light conditions. When you press the shutter button on the new Night Sight, it will now take both a photograph and a video.

The system stitches together the many frames you record for however long you leave the camera running to create an animation. This new feature is available in Pixel 4 and newer devices. Learn more about Night Sight here.

New wallpapers and ringtones

To celebrate Pride Month, Google has added new bold and joyful pride-themed wallpapers and ringtones, created exclusively for the Pixel by Ashton Attzs. The new additions are live and available to use on all Pixel devices.

Your media privacy

Google showcased locked folders in Google Photos at its I/O event last month. Well, the feature is currently rolling out for Pixel users. You can save photographs and videos to the new locked folder if they require additional privacy and should only be seen by you.

Additionally, you can choose to save newly clicked photos to the locked folder directly from the camera. These photographs and videos will be stored on your smartphone, but they will not appear in shared albums, Memories, or any other applications, and they can only be viewed via your device passcode or fingerprint. Locked folders are available on Pixel 3 and newer devices.

Walk safer with Heads Up

Six out of ten young Canadians admit to texting while walking. While we know how dangerous this can be, a lot of people continue to do it.

Google wants to make this habit a little bit safer on Pixel. This is where ‘Heads Up,’ a new feature that will help you stay alert while walking, comes in. If your Pixel device detects that you’re walking and using your phone at the same time, it will periodically remind you to look up and analyze your surroundings. This feature can be enabled by going into the ‘Digital Wellbeing’ setting on your phone. The Heads Up feature is available on Pixel 3 and newer devices.

Call actions with assistant

When your phone rings but you aren’t near it, you may use Google Assistant to answer or reject the call simply by saying, “Hey Google, answer call” or “Hey Google, reject call.” The call action feature is available on Pixel 4 and newer devices.

Image credit: Google

Source: Google