Android users can now join FaceTime calls through their web browser

Apple's video chat platform will soon work more like competing services


At WWDC 2021, Apple subtly announced FaceTime will come to Android and other non-Apple devices with the release of iOS 15.

The reveal came in the midst of the tech giant detailing FaceTime’s new links feature, which lets people create a FaceTime link similar to how other video calling services work. Users can share these links and people can click them to join a call.

FaceTime links will open in web browsers for people who don’t have an Apple device, allowing anyone to participate in a FaceTime call. It’s a really neat addition that should make FaceTime a more popular video calling option for everyone, whether they use an Apple device or not.

Hopefully, this means Apple will also bring iMessage to Android, although that seems incredibly unlikely.

Those interested can learn more about FaceTime here.