Facebook and Instagram using notices to encourage iOS users to enable tracking

Facebook has been a strong critic of Apple's latest privacy changes


Facebook and Instagram are displaying notices on iOS to promote app tracking following Apple’s latest privacy updates.

The social media giant is notifying users that the information it collects from apps and websites keeps the apps free of charge.

“This version of iOS requires us to ask for permission to track some data from this device to improve your ads. Learn how we limit the use of this information if you don’t turn on this device setting,” the notice reads, as reported by The Verge.

“We use information about your activity received from other apps and websites to: show you ads that are more personalized, help keep Facebook free of charge [and] support businesses that rely on ads to reach their customers.”

Facebook is referring to the notices as “educational screens” that offer “more details about how we use data for personalized ads.”

Apple’s latest privacy update requires app developers to get consent from users to allow their Identifier for Advertisers to be shared across apps.

Facebook has been a strong critic of the changes and has said it could hurt small businesses. It’s no surprise that the social media giant is using notices to sway users.

Source: The Verge