Canada invests $56 million to reimagine how EV drivers pay for electricity

This new method would charge per amount of electricity

The federal government’s recently announced Budget 2021 outlines plans to spend $56.1 million for Measurement Canada to develop a new EV charging pricing standard.

Currently, if you have an EV, you pay for power based on how long you charge for instead of how much energy you use. This has been working decently well since electricity is relatively cheap, but it also means that expensive cars that can fast-charge pay less for the same amount of electricity than older cars that charge slower.

The plan outlined by the government is for Measurement Canada to work with international partners and the U.S. to set a new standard for zero-emission vehicle charging.

This is a pretty smart way to rethink EV charging, and hopefully, Canada can play a key role in developing a new standard for EVs going forward.

The budget is also allocating more money to the Universal Broadband Fund and proposes the implementation of a digital sales tax for foreign web giants.

Source: Electric Autonomy Canada