Telus ranked fastest mobile operator in Canada once again: report

Shaw has been ranked the fastest fixed broadband provider

Telus has once again ranked as the fastest mobile operator in Q1 2021 in Canada, according to Ookla’s latest market analysis.

The Vancouver-based national carrier, which also topped ranks in Q3 and Q4 2020, received a speed score of 87.54. To determine speed scores, Ookla measures each provider’s download and upload speed to rank overall network speed performance.

Montreal-based national carrier Bell followed in second place with a score of 85.10 and Toronto-based national carrier Rogers ranked third with a score of 75.38.

Freedom Mobile once again had the lowest latency at 20ms. Rogers’ flanker brand Fido followed with 24ms. Telus and Bell both tied for third with 25ms. Vidéotron and Rogers followed with 26ms and 27ms, respectively.

Further, the report outlines that “in measuring the consistency of each operator’s performance, we found that Vidéotron had the highest Consistency Score in Canada during Q1 2021, with 91.3 percent of results showing at least a 5Mbps minimum download speed and 1Mbps minimum upload speed.”

Fido came in second with a score of 89.9 percent and Rogers followed with 88.7 percent. Telus and Freedom Mobile rounded out the top five with 84.4 percent and 84.2 percent, respectively.

In terms of 5G performance, Ookla notes that “although Bell leads in median 5G download speeds with 212.08Mbps versus Telus’ 208.61Mbps, there is no clear statistical winner. The bars shown in the chart below are 95 percent confidence intervals, which represent the range of values in which the true median is likely to be.”

Rogers came in third with 131.89Mbps. The carrier’s customers with 5G-capable devices had the highest time spent on 5G at 28.8 percent. Telus came in second with 19.3 percent and Bell followed with 13.9 percent.

Ookla outlines that Alberta showed the fastest median mobile download speed in Canada during Q1 2021 at 70.73Mbps. Saskatchewan had the slowest median download speed during the same period at 38.30Mbps.

In terms of cities, Winnipeg showed the fattest medium mobile download speed with 93.66Mbps whereas Halifax has the lowest with 68.12Mbps.

The report states that Shaw was the fastest fixed broadband provider with a speed score of 164.40. Rogers followed in second place with a score of 159.25 and Bell came in second with 112.05.

Telus and Bell had the lowest latency among top fixed broadband providers at 6ms. Rogers and Shaw both came in at 12ms.

Rogers has the highest consistency score with 88.9 percent of results showing at least a 25Mbps minimum download speed and 3Mbps minimum upload speed.