Matchbox’s new Tesla Roadster toy is 99 percent recyclable

The toy car could beat the actual Tesla Roadster to market

White Tesla matchbox toy car

Car manufacturers are working hard to transition into the world of electric vehicles — so much so that even toy cars are going green.

Matchbox’s Tesla Roadster is the first toy car made of 99 percent recycled materials: 62.1 percent recycled zinc, 36.9 percent recycled plastic and one percent stainless steel. Further, even the packaging the toy comes in is completely compostable.

Matchbox says the toy car, a spitting image of the actual Tesla Roadster, will launch at the beginning of 2022.

In a recent press release, Mattel (the parent company of Matchbox) announced its future plans. The toy company aims to make its products more environmentally friendly, give buyers products that are easy to recycle and give an overall eco-friendly theme to its toys.

As the brand moves forward with its initiative, collectors can expect plastic-free packaging. The company has already released Matchbox Power Grabs and an EV-themed five-pack with zero percent plastic packaging.

Image credit: TopGear

Via: TopGear