Apple’s HomePod mini reportedly includes an inactive room temperature sensor

The sensor could be enabled at a later date through a software update

HomePod mini

Apple’s recently released HomePod mini features a secret sensor capable of measuring the temperature and humidity in the room the smart speaker is located in.

According to Bloomberg and backed up by iFixit, it looks like it might be possible that Apple has plans to activate this sensor at some point in the future. Though it’s still unclear, the sensor could be used with HomeKit-compatible devices like a thermostat.

iFixit’s teardown reveals that the temperature sensor is placed away from the HomePod mini’s core internal electronics towards the rear of the unit, further indicating that it’s designed to measure the temperature of a room.

Bloomberg says that while the sensor doesn’t currently do anything, Apple could activate it in the future through a software update.

Apple discontinued the original HomePod earlier this month, stating that it wants to focus on the HomePod mini.

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Image credit: iFixit

Source: Bloomberg