OnePlus shows OnePlus 9 Pro off in teaser

This camera features huge lenses

OnePlus announced that it’s partnering with Hasselblad today and that its upcoming OnePlus 9 series will be revealed on March 23rd. Beyond that, the company also posted a brief ad that ends with a quick glimpse of the OnePlus 9 Pro.

The image shows off the phone’s camera module. This includes two large lenses, two smaller lenses, a microphone and a flash. There’s one other sensor that 9to5Google thinks is a laser autofocus module and Hasselblad branding.

It’s assumed that the standard OnePlus 9 will feature a pared-down version of this camera. Both the OnePlus 7 and 8 series launched with a ‘Pro’ variant.

We know from OnePlus’ recent announcement that at least one of these cameras is the new Sony IMX789 sensor that’s capable of dual native ISO, full-pixel omni-directional autofocus, 4K video at 120fps and real-time HDR video processing.

OnePlus is also highlighting that the ultrawide lens will feature minimal distortion. This system uses both lenses together to each take a wide image. Then it stitches these two photos together via software to create an ultrawide shot. This will likely disappoint people who love the fun fish-eye effect of most phone-based ultrawide cameras but will delight people who want to use this camera to take realistic images.

Overall we won’t know how effective this new camera setup will be until the phone releases. Still, since OnePlus is really hyping the camera tech this time, I expect big things from the company.

Source: OnePlus, 9to5Google, GSMArena