Vancouver-made Celeste Classic gets free sequel that you can play in your browser

The game has been released to celebrate Celeste's third anniversary

Celeste 2

Vancouver-based Extremely Ok Games (EXOK) has unveiled Celeste Classic 2, a sequel to its acclaimed Celeste Classic platforming game that you can play for free right now.

On Twitter, EXOK director Maddy Thorson said the studio is putting out the game now in celebration of Celeste‘s third anniversary.

However, as its name suggests, Celeste Classic 2 is actually a successor to 2016’s Celeste Classic, which was made by Thorson and Noel Berry in four days for the virtual Pico-8 platform as part of a game jam. 2018’s Celeste was a fully-fleshed out version of Classic.

Developed in just three days on Pico-8, Celeste Classic 2 can now be played on Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi and web browsers for free via Itch.io.

In Celeste Classic 2, you play as a new adventurer named Lani, who must traverse a mountain using a grappling hook.

While Celeste Classic 2 was quickly developed to celebrate Celeste‘s third anniversary, EXOK is also still working on a full “mystery game,” although further details have yet to be revealed.