Twitter bets big on newsletters with Revue acquisition

The social media giant says newsletters are a natural expansion for its platform


Twitter has announced that it is acquiring email newsletter service Revue for an undisclosed sum.

The company is known for its services that help create and manage newsletters. Twitter outlined in a blog post that newsletters are a natural expansion for its platform since many users on Twitter promote their work.

“Many established writers and publishers have built their brand on Twitter, amassing an audience that’s hungry for the next article or perspective they tweet,” Twitter outlined in a blog post. “Our goal is to make it easy for them to connect with their subscribers, while also helping readers better discover writers and their content.”

Although Twitter and Revue will remain separate, Twitter is looking for ways to mesh the services together. For instance, it may allow people to sign up for newsletters from their favourite users on Twitter and allow newsletter writers to host conversations with their subscribers.

Twitter notes that it’s going to create a durable incentive model through paid newsletters for those looking to generate revenue. It says that users can expect audience-based monetization to be an area that it will continue to develop.

In honour of the acquisition, Twitter is making Revue Pro features free for all users. It’s also lowering the paid newsletter fee to five percent to allow writers to keep more of the revenue generated from subscriptions.

Twitter has been expanding its plans for the future with its recent acquisitions. The social media giant acquired video chat startup Squad last year. Shortly before that, it purchased Fabula AI, which is creating technology to detect fake news.

Source: Twitter