Netflix for Android gets updated to support ‘studio-quality’ audio

The streaming giant says the update will improve intelligibility in noisy environments

Netflix has updated its Android app to make audio sound better thanks to its adoption of the xHE-AAC codec.

The streaming giant says that the codec will “improve intelligibility in noisy environments, adapt to variable cellular connections, and scale to studio-quality.”

For context, xHE-AAC uses metadata to fix audio problems when streaming content on phones. Netflix notes that problems can arise due to background noise and tinny phone speakers that sound bad when you increase the volume.

The streaming giant says that xHE-AAC offers enhanced dynamic range control that will reduce the difference between loud and quiet parts of a show or movie. This means that you won’t have to constantly turn the volume up or down.

Further, the codec supports seamless bitrate switching, which means that it should work better in areas where users are experiencing inconsistent internet speeds.

Netflix notes tests have shown that the codec is beneficial and that volume changes are noticeably down. It also says that with the new codec, viewers are switching away from using their phone’s built-in speakers seven percent less.

The streaming giant says that it plans to bring the codec to other platforms that support it. It’s worth noting that iPhones have supported the codec since 2019 with the launch of iOS 13.

Source: Netflix Via: The Verge