Google’s Drive File Stream app gets rebrand, will support M1 Macs in April

Google Drive

Google’s Drive File Stream app is getting a rename on Mac and Windows, as well as support for Apple’s new M1 chip.

File Stream, for those unfamiliar with the software, is a version of Google’s ‘Backup and Sync’ app developed specifically for enterprise users. Unlike Backup and Sync, File Stream doesn’t store Drive files locally. Instead, it downloads them on-demand as users open them.

First up, Google quietly announced the new name in the Drive File Stream release notes. According to the notes, File Stream is now ‘Google Drive for desktop,’ and the change came into effect on January 11th with the release of version 45. However, the change doesn’t appear to be widely available yet.

9to5Google points out that Google’s about page refers to the service as Drive for desktop, and notes that the name change shouldn’t impact how it works on your computer or move where files are stored. Finally, Drive for desktop features the new Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) branding.

Aside from the Drive for desktop rebrand, Google confirmed the app would get support for Apple’s M1 Macs with version 47. That update is due out in April — while it’s a bit of a wait for any M1 Mac users who rely on the software, at least the update is on the way.

Source: Drive File Stream release notes Via: 9to5Google