YouTube finally brings HDR support to Xbox consoles

This is a great way to show off what your fancy new TV is capable of

Xbox Series X

YouTube is finally adding HDR (high dynamic-range) colour support to Microsoft’s various Xbox consoles, including the Xbox One S/X and Xbox Series X/S.

If you have a TV or monitor capable of displaying HDR10 content and a compatible Xbox console, you’ll be able to take advantage of the feature. The maximum resolution each console is capable of outputting YouTube HDR video at depends on what Xbox you’re using, according to Flat Panels HD.

For example, the Xbox Series X is capable of streaming 4K HDR at up to 60fps and the Xbox One S can play HDR content at 1440p and up to 60fps.

While this is a welcome move on Google-owned YouTube’s part, the platform doesn’t have a lot of worthwhile HDR content available on it. That said, if you’re looking to test out what your fancy new TV is capable of, YouTube can be a decent option if you don’t have a Netflix subscription.

It’s also worth noting that even though Xbox Series X and S support Dolby Vision HDR, YouTube only allows videos to be uploaded that features HDR10.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 first got HDR support with YouTube back in 2019. The feature hasn’t yet made its way to the PlayStation 5. HDR adds brighter colour and more dynamic range to video.

Source: Flat Panels HD Via: Engadget