Five-Deal Friday: Find tablets, SD cards, and games for up to 40 percent off

Five Deals Friday

Welcome to Five-Deal Friday, where we scour the web for the best deals and deepest discounts from Canadian tech retailers.

If you’ve been eyeing a headset to up your game online, or you’re finally ready to invest in a proper mouse for your at-home setup, we’ve got you covered.

Razer Kraken headphones

Razer Kraken headphones

Razer’s renowned headphones are currently on sale at The Source. This gaming headset features gel-infused ear cups for comfortable play sessions, and a cardioid microphone for clear audio without background noise.

Regularly priced at $119.99, the headset is currently $40 off. Rob Dwiar from PC Gamer reviewed them, and he praised the headset’s audio, saying “I could always tell which way they and their gunfire was coming from due to the excellent surround sound.” For at-home gaming, this headset will serve you well for $80.

Buy at The Source for $79.99

Lexar 128GB Micro SDXC High Speed Memory Card

Lexar 128GB Micro SDXC High Speed Memory Card

Lexar’s 128GB Micro SD card is currently on sale at Staples Canada. Whether you’re looking to add memory to a digital camera or your Nintendo Switch, Lexar’s top-rated Micro SDXC card should be on your radar. With read speeds of up to 95mb/s and 128GB of storage, this is a top pick for gamers and creatives alike.

Currently less than $40, this is an easy way to expand your Switch storage so that you don’t need to worry about having too many games.

Buy at Staples Canada – $37.49

Amazon Fire 8 Tablet

Amazon Fire 8 Tablet

Amazon’s Fire 8 is one of the best budget tablets on the market, and it’s currently on sale. With its quad-core processor, expandable storage, and 3.5mm jack, the Fire 8 is one of the best tablets for watching Netflix and other media without breaking the bank. Former MobileSyrup staff reporter Sameer Chhabra reviewed the previous iteration of the Fire 8, stating that “Once one accepts that this isn’t a device packed with processing power … the Amazon Fire HD 8 reveals itself to be a tablet full of hidden worth.”

While it’s not going to compete with flagship tablets, for just $85 you can have a second screen for when your family takes over the TV.

Buy at Amazon Canada – $84.99

Razer Deathadder V2

Razer Deathadder V2

One of the most popular gaming mice of all-time is currently on sale at Amazon Canada. Razer’s Deathadder has been a staple of the esports scene for more than a decade thanks to its best-in-class ergonomics and leading sensor technology.

The team at Rtings claimed in their review that the Deathadder V2 carries on the legacy of the original mouse, saying “It looks and feels almost identical to the Razer Deathadder Elite, but it has a much-improved cable, better feet, and a profile switch button.” It may be more than the average user needs, but for those looking to upgrade their mouse, the Razer Deathadder V2 is hard to beat for just $70.

Buy at Amazon Canada – $69.99

Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion

Ubisoft Toronto’s ambitious open-world blockbuster is currently on sale at Best Buy Canada for a limited time. The latest game in the critically acclaimed franchise takes players to London, where they’ll help a resistance group take back the city from an authoritarian regime.

The game was released just two months ago, so this is a great chance to grab it at $30 off its regular price of $79.99. Our own Bradly Shankar included it in his list of top Canadian-made games of 2020, writing that “Legion’s meticulously crafted world, expansive assortment of potential recruits, and intuitive hacking mechanics make for a wonderful sandbox to play in.”

Buy at Best Buy Canada – $49.99

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