Tesla extends battery partnership with Canadian researchers

Jeff Dahn's battery team is getting a little bigger

Tesla’s contract with the Canadian battery research team led by Jeff Dahn, Dalhousie’s professor of physics and atmospheric science and the leader of the ‘Advanced Battery Research group,’ has been altered slightly as the two groups reach a new deal.

The deal more or less stays the same, with the battery research team continuing to work out of Dalhousie University in Halifax until at least 2026.

The major change is that the division now has two new research chairs, according to ElectrekDr. Chongyin Yang is the new Tesla Canada Research Chair, and his team’s focus will be on developing high-performance materials to help create better battery cells in the future.

Dr. Michael Metzger is also taking on a leading role. His team is working on new methods for measuring battery performance and lifetime to help give Telsa more complete knowledge of how all battery types work.

Overall this seems like good news since keeping high profile science-based jobs like this in Canada is always welcome to see, even if Tesla is an American company.

Source: Electrek