Virgin Mobile offering 2GB bonus data on $50+ plans

The 2GB bonus is available for both BYOP subscribers and customers who get a phone

If you made it through Black Friday and Boxing Day sales without taking advantage of a deal, Virgin Mobile has some bonus data on offer. Granted, it’s not quite the double-data promotion it was running before, but hey, 2GB of extra data is better than no extra data at all.

Virgin Mobile is giving the 2GB data bonus on every plan starting at $50 per month and up. The 2GB bonus is available both on Virgin’s bring your own phone (BYOP) plans and on plans if you choose to get a phone.

We’ve listed out all the options below, but it’s worth noting the prices listed are for the base plans and don’t include the cost of a phone. If you choose to get a phone, Virgin’s ‘Sweet Pay’ system will add a monthly financing cost that could range anywhere from as low as $3 per month to over $30 per month.

  • $50/6GB (4GB + 2GB)
  • $55/8GB (6GB + 2GB)
  • $60/10GB (8GB + 2GB)
  • $75/12GB (10GB + 2GB)
  • $80/15GB (13GB + 2GB)

Virgin lists the 2GB bonus data as available for a limited time, but the website does not include an end date for the promotion.

You can learn more here.