British Columbia doubles EV incentives for businesses

This incentive focuses on commercial vehicles like buses and semi-trucks

The British Columbian government is doubling its electric vehicle incentives for some businesses.

The actual name for the program is the Specialty-Use Vehicle Incentive, and it applies to a wide swath of businesses differently.

Local governments, public sector and non-profit organizations can get 33 percent of the cost of an electric vehicle up to $100,000. Previously, this incentive only went up to $50,000. Hospitality and tourism industries can recoup 66 percent of an EV up to $100,000.

This incentive doesn’t allow businesses to buy Teslas, but rather focuses on Battery or hydrogen-fueled buses, food delivery trucks or transport trucks. Specialty-use vehicles like motorcycles, cargo e-bikes and low-speed utility trucks also qualify.

B.C. has been working to transition to EV’s with more tenacity than some of the other provinces. Its goal is only to sell new consumer-level EVs starting in 2040, so adding larger incentives to businesses might help smaller businesses go green as well.

On top of all this, Electric Autonomy Canada notes that B.C. is looking to invest $11 million into a Commercial Vehicle Pilot Program. This is for large-scale electrification ideas like commercial planes, trains and boats.

This is a harder incentive to get, and applicants need to compete for it and submit ideas to the government for approval.

These announcements are part of the government’s $10 billion COVID-19 response plan.

Source: B.C. Gov News Via: Electic Autonomy Canda