TP-Link drops new line of smart home products

This includes two new cameras and a smart doorbell

TP-Link is expanding its smart home lineup of Kansa products with a new three-way dimmer switch, a smart doorbell and an outdoor plug.

The coolest innovation is a motion-sensing dimmer switch that automatically turn on after a certain point in the day when they detect motion. You can even program it to not turn on during daylight if you have it set up for an outdoor light.

Beyond that, the switch also offers traditional smart light controls like a dimmer that fades lights off at bedtime and then fades them back on in the morning.

The company is also adding a smart doorbell to its offerings that can record video in 1080p. TP-Link also says that the camera has person detection and allows the users to save their footage to the cloud or a local micro SD card. It should be noted that you do need to pay a subscription to TP-Link to use the cloud save feature.

Of course, TP-Link has also programmed in a variety of chimes so you can add a bit of personality to your doorbell.

There are also two new smart security cameras. One is for indoor use while the other is for outdoors. Both can either use cloud saves or a micro SD card like the smart doorbell, but TP-Link has also added some extra features.

These include improved low-light performance, 2k recording and motion tracking to keep an eye on activity within its view. There’s even a cool ‘Patrol’ mode that lets you set a few viewpoints for the camera to alternate through.

The outdoor camera also comes with an integrated spotlight that can turn on to give the camera an even better view at night.

Finally, the company has also added an outdoor smart plug to its lineup with a long Wi-Fi range due to a built-in amplifier.

Source: TP-Link