Google Photos launches ‘Year in Review’ to look back at your photos

The 'Year in Review' will appear in the Memories carousel in the Android and iOS Google Photos app

Google Photos is now offering a ‘Year in Review’ functionality that generates a 2020 photo book.

The ‘Year in Review’ appears in the Memories carousel on the Android and iOS Google Photos app. The feature gives users a photo recap from the past 12 months.

While viewing your ‘Year in Review,’ you can tap the edges to go back or advance or press and hold to pause. Each image has a location and date at the top with an overflow button that lets users view all the images taken that day.

There’s also a Preview Book button that lets you create an annual photo book. In my experience, the Photo Book offers more pictures than what’s available in the ‘Year in Review.’

9to5Google points out that this year Google has named the playlist ‘Year in Review’ instead of ‘Best of 20XX’ like in past years. When creating a photo book, you can change the name to be specific if you’d like, but the name shift seems pretty reflective of how 2020 hasn’t been the best year.

Source: 9to5Google