OnePlus 8 Pro and 8 are on sale for Black Friday

The 8 Pro also comes with OnePlus Buds

The OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro are both on sale for Black Friday.

The OnePlus 8T is also included in the sale, but it only comes with free OnePlus Buds, and its price is not discounted.

If you’re looking to get a phone before Black Friday, the OnePlus 8 Pro with 256GB is down to $1,249 CAD, and the regular 8 with 256GB is down to $899. 

The 8 Pro also comes with free OnePlus Buds just like the OnePlus 8T.

When we reviewed the two phones back in April, the Pro was priced at $1,400, and the regular 8 had a $1,100 CAD price tag.

Source: OnePlus