SkipTheDishes rolling out support for restaurants in Peel Region, Ontario

The package includes a 0 percent commission rate for any new restaurants joining the network

SkipTheDishes is rolling out support for Peel Region restaurants in Ontario ahead of the provincial government’s dining restrictions.

“As a proudly Canadian brand, we’re standing by our restaurant partners across the city as their dining rooms are required to close, responding to their needs with an impactful support package for affected restaurants that include,” the company said in a statement to MobileSyrup.

The support package includes a 25 percent rebate on commission for local and independent restaurant partners. It also includes a 0 percent commission rate for any new restaurants joining the network during the restriction period.

Further, it includes a 10 percent commission rate to any restaurant looking to utilize staff to facilitate their own delivery. SkipTheDishes is also going to provide additional marketing and order-driving initiatives that can increase repeat orders and attract more customers.

This support package will be rolled out across the Peel region starting November 23rd, when the provincial restrictions go into effect. SkipTheDishes says it’s ready to roll out similar measures across the country as further restrictions are announced.

“With pickup and delivery orders becoming a critical revenue stream for restaurants, Skip stands with our local partners throughout this new wave of restrictions,” said SkipTheDishes CEO Kevin Edwards in a statement.

SkipTheDishes notes that it has also continued its support for Toronto and Quebec restaurants as restrictions continue in those regions.