Google Chrome for Apple’s M1 Macs is now available [Update]

The new version of the browser started rolling out Tuesday but was pulled

MacBook Pro with M1

Update 18/11/2020 7:01pm: Google Chrome for Apple’s new M1-powered Macs is now available.

The original story is available below:

While I expected developers to rapidly optimize their software for Apple’s new M1-powered Mac lineup, things are moving quicker than I expected.

Yesterday Adobe pushed out a beta version of Photoshop for M1 Macs, and now, Google has revealed Chrome is also set to get an optimized version designed for Apple’s ARM-based chip soon.

In fact, the browser was briefly available on Tuesday before being pulled due to a bug, according to The Verge. A support page for the browser states that the M1 version of Chrome suffered from a bug that caused it to crash.

Mark Chang, the product manager of Chrome, recently tweeted that the rollout has been paused for the time being but that it should start again soon. There’s also a workaround available for anyone that has already downloaded the M1 version of Google’s browser.

While I recently made the jump to Microsoft’s Edge browser and thought I’d never return to Chrome, I’m willing to give it another shot — especially since beyond Apple’s Safari, Chrome looks set to be the only other browser optimized for the M1 chip.

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Source: The Verge, @mchang