Public Mobile adds 500MB of free data to existing $40 for 4GB data plans

Check your online Public Mobile account to see if you're eligible for the upgrade

If you’re a Public Mobile subscriber, you might be getting some extra data today.

The Canadian carrier has added 500MB worth of data to existing $40 plans with 4GB of data. This makes the plan a $40/4.5GB plan.

This means if you combine this with Public Mobile’s Auto-Pay plan feature, you can get a total of 5GB for $40. Auto-Pay means that you use your debit or credit card to pay for your monthly phone bill automatically.

Public Mobile says users need to upgrade to the new plan and outlines how to do so below:

  1. Log in on Self Serve
  2. Go to “Plan and Add-ons”
  3. Select “Change Plan”
  4. Select the ready-made plan “$40 for 4.5GB + 500 MB AutoPay Bonus”. You will have the option of changing your plan immediately or upon the next renewal date.

You can read more about the new plan on the company’s forums. 

Source: Public Mobile