YouTube is taking a break from Rewind this year

Hopefully it's back next year

YouTube Rewind is cancelled this year.

Back in 2010, YouTube started Rewind as a a look back at the year’s creators, videos and trends.

But given the COVID-19 pandemic, the Google-owned company has decided to take a break from Rewind this year.

The announcement was issued a day after YouTube had a widespread outage that affected Canadians and Americans.

In the past, YouTube would even put together a video summing up Rewind with some of the creators and trends. In 2018, the company put together a Youtube Rewind that was very disliked.

YouTube could have done a lighthearted Rewind experience by encouraging those who put out content this year that’s distracted many from experience.

However, this decision is definitely a safe bet for the video-sharing platform.

Source: YouTube