Lenovo Smart Clock Essential now available in Canada for $69.99

The Smart Clock Essential offers Google Assistant, a traditional LED clock display and a built-in night light

Lenovo’s new Smart Clock Essential is now available in Canada for $69.99.

Lenovo announced the new smart home device back in August and it’s now available both on the company’s website and other retailers like Best Buy.

The Smart Clock Essential is the follow-up to Lenovo’s Smart Clock, which for all intents and purposes is like a Google Nest Mini with a screen in it. I’ve used a Smart Clock as my bed-side alarm clock for several months and it’s easily one of my favourite smart home devices.

The Smart Clock Essential really zeroes in on this use case with a traditional LED alarm clock display that just shows the time, date, weather and other essential details. Additionally, Lenovo’s new Smart Clock offers built-in Google Assistant for setting alarms and asking questions. Like any Assistant-powered speaker, the Smart Clock Essential can play music, set reminders and more.

Along with the Assistant smarts, the Smart Clock Essential offers a few other handy features. For example, it has a built-in night light. There’s also a handy USB-A port on the back for connecting a charging cable (I use the one on my regular Smart Clock to charge my watch).

While definitely a great option, Best Buy currently has a sale on the original Lenovo Smart Clock. It’s available for $49.99, making it less than the new Smart Clock Essential and, thanks to its full display, it’s a bit more feature-rich. Either are likely great options, however, but I’d probably get the cheaper Smart Clock for myself.

You can learn more about the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential here, and keep an eye on MobileSyrup for a review in the coming weeks.

Image credit: Lenovo