Tesla Model S gets slight price decrease in Canada, U.S. price changes to $69,420 USD [Update]

Depending on what model you want, you could be looking at a $6,000 deduction 

Tesla has lowed the price of both of its Model  S trims, making them slightly more affordable.

In Canada, the Long Range Plus version now costs $101,990 CAD, a $4,000 drop from its previous price of $105,990 based on our previous reporting. 

The more powerful Performance model now rings in at $124,990, a $6,000 drop over the older $130,990 price tag.

I’m not sure what the Plaid model costs, but if you’re spending $189,990 on a car, I don’t think a $4,000 to $6,000 price difference will make a difference.

You can check out the car on Tesla’s website.

Update 15/10/2020: Tesla has reverted its price drop in the U.S. so it could sell the Model S for $69,420 USD.  So far, the Canadian price hasn’t changed, but hopefully, most people’s perception of Elon Musk has after this terrible joke that’s gone too far.

Via: Tesla North