Ontario man files human rights complaint against Uber Canada

The complaint accuses the company of discriminating against him based on his disability

A man in Ontario has filed a human rights complaint against Uber Canada for allegedly not doing enough to serve people with disabilities.

The man, who is named Michael McNeely, told City News that he wants to make Uber recognize that it has obligations to people with disabilities.

McNeely is accusing the company of discriminating against him based on his disability, and argues that Uber Canada has failed to accommodate his special needs.

“I can request a driver to come to my location, but most of the time they call me to confirm where they are and ask me to meet the car so we can begin our ride,” McNeely told City News.

“But I can’t hear the phone, I can’t answer the phone so often I’m with a friend who can answer the phone for me and he can tell the driver where we are. It just makes me feel foolish and I guess it makes me feel I don’t have as much independence as I should,” he said.

A spokesperson for Uber Canada told City News in a statement that there is a text feature that users can use to communicate with their driver.

“There is an anonymized text feature within the Uber app that gives customers a way to communicate with their driver or delivery person, which can be used for the blind, deaf, and hard of hearing communities. We will decline to comment on this active litigation,” the spokesperson stated.

McNeely says that he isn’t seeking compensation, and that his goal to to get Uber to implement changes to accommodate users with disabilities.

Source: City News