Google adding more accessibility features to Chrome OS

The company's laptop operating system is getting several new features that aim to help people with disabilities

To highlight National Disability Employment Awareness Month, Google is rolling out a few new accessibility features to Chrome OS, including improved select-to-speech and an accessibility hub.

The company’s latest blog post says that in an upcoming update, users will be able to change their cursors’ colour to improve visibility and add personalization to each user’s computer. There are seven new colours — red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, magenta and pink.

A new ‘Select-to-speak’ option allows people to highlight text on the screen so it can be spoken out loud.

To take this further, the company is improving its ‘ChromeVox’ software, which is its built-in screen reader tech. The company says this is critical for people with low or no vision. The new version automatically changes the screen reader’s voice based on the page’s language, and it has some new menu options.

To make all of these updates easy to access, Google is releasing a new Chromebook accessibility hub that features tutorials and other info to help people use the new features and get the most out of their laptops.

There are a few other smaller updates, and a guide for helping children with disabilities use Chromebooks for remote learning.

You can read all about it in Google’s blog post. 

Source: Google