Leaked images, renders show Apple’s rumoured AirPods Studio headphones

The leaks come along with some drama and give us a first look at Apple's rumoured wireless headphones


Apple’s long-rumoured ‘AirPods Studio‘ wireless over-ear headphones leaked on Twitter, giving an alleged ‘first look’ at the headphones.

The leak comes from Twitter user ‘Fudge’ (@choco_bit), who has previously shared iPhone leaks. The grainy image shared by Fudge appears to line up with how Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman described the AirPods Studio earlier this year. Gurman mentioned a premium version with “leather-like fabrics” and a “fitness-focused model that uses lighters, breathable materials with small perforations.” The leaked image seems to show the latter.

Further, Gurman previously described a prototype of the AirPods Studio as having “a retro look with oval-shaped ear cups that swivel and a headband connected by thin, metal arms.”

The leaked image definitely lines up with that, although the headphones look decidedly unrefined. I’d wager that the leaked image shows a prototype of the headphones, and not the finished product.

Fudge also shared a short video that shows the AirPods Studio in white. In the video, someone slips the headphones into a carrying case. One interesting tidbit from the video is the headphones don’t appear to have any material padding on them. Considering past leaks indicated the AirPods Studio would be customizable and allow users to swap out the ear pads, the video could show the AirPods Studio without the removable pads.

Along with the leaks from Fudge, leaker Jon Prosser shared renders of the AirPods Studio on Twitter. Prosser previously said he was working on renders to share instead of a leaked image to protect the source. However, Prosser went after Fudge on Twitter for posting the image and allegedly exposing the source.

Drama aside, Prosser’s renders give a pretty solid idea of what the finished AirPods Studio may look like.

The headphones are rumoured to cost $349 USD (about $459.49 CAD). It’s unclear when Apple will announce the AirPods Studio, but I’d imagine they’ll arrive before the end of the year (perhaps alongside the yet-to-be-announced iPhone 12).

Source: Fudge, (2), Prosser Via: 9to5Mac