Apple’s over-ear AirPods Studio can reportedly be worn backwards

The often-rumoured over-ear headphones will likely be revealed during WWDC

Beats Studio 3 headphones

Reports surrounding Apple’s upcoming AirPods Studio over-ear headphones continue to swirl.

9to5Mac is reporting Apple’s upcoming over-ear headphones will feature a sensor and software features allowing the headphones to not only play or pause music depending on whether you’re wearing them but also shift audio channels based on orientation. Effectively, this means you could wear the headphones backwards and they would still sound great.

Further, the report states Apple will finally bring custom EQ profiles to the headphones, an often-requested feature the tech giant has been reluctant to bring to even its high-end AirPods Pro. 9to5Mac’s sources state that custom EQ settings will consist of “low, medium and high” frequencies.

Other rumours surrounding the headphones indicate they’ll be customizable through magnetic attachments. Leaked iOS 14 beta code also included assets related to the AirPods Studio.

It remains unclear when the tech giant plans to release the over-ear headphones given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. That said, it’s likely we’ll catch our first glimpse of the AirPods Studio during Apple’s upcoming all-digital WWDC event in June.

Source: 9to5Mac Via: Engadget