Canadian nickel mining company looking to work with Elon Musk

The company is trying to mine nickel with as little environmental impact as possible

Canadian nickel mining company Canada Nickel Co has announced that it has a way to mine the metal without creating a giant carbon impact on the environment.

During Tesla’s most recent earnings call, company CEO Elon Musk promised a hefty contract to any company that could mine Nickel in an environmentally sensitive way. Fast forward a few days and Canada Nickel Co is looking to take up the call.

The mining operation sits on top of a large nickel deposit, and it’s looking to use serpentine rock to offset the carbon impact of the mining. Mark Selby, the head of the mine, says this rock naturally reduces carbon when it’s exposed to air.

To sweeten the pot, Selby even goes on to talk about Ontario’s access to lots of hydro-electric power and how that can be utilized intense of gas and diesel. This is important since it’s considered one of the cleaner methods of extracting electricity from the Earth.

The company still needs to build its billion-dollar facility in Northern Ontario, but if it can, this might be a huge move that spurs other nickel miners around the world to decrease their carbon footprint as well.

An automotive blog in the U.S. has also covered this story and Musk responded to that article in Twitter by saying, “Sounds great.”

Source: CBC, Teslarati