Check out some of the Canadian apps on the Huawei AppGallery

Huawei’s AppGallery, the third-largest app marketplace globally, only officially launched in Canada back in early May.

Still, Huawei is already working with several Canadian partners to get their apps on the store to ensure the AppGallery is fully localized with English and Quebec French language support, and also offers the top local apps from across Canada.

This deep dive into the AppGallery looks into just 10 of the many Canadian apps available on the company’s app marketplace.

When Canadians first purchase a Huawei P40 series or Mate 30 Pro smartphone, they’ll use Phone Clone to grab plenty of the apps from their previous device. After that, they should head to the AppGallery and download popular local and global apps – like the Transit app, for example.

Transit is a useful app if you live in the major cities in Canada (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa) and if you take public transit. The app shows the city’s transit system in real-time, so you always know when the streetcar or subway is on its way.

Additionally, it features Uber and bike share integration, so when a user clicks on the bike share option, it tells them where to grab the bike and where to park it. It even offers direct access to the bike share Quick App.

Another app any Canadian should consider downloading is Wattpad.

Wattpad is excellent for reading stories created by aspiring writers. The app offers users the opportunity to read content from locals as well as tons of ‘Bestsellers,’ and it provides recommended reads.

Additionally, the Toronto-based company says that with AppGallery, the app has been able to reach even more readers around the world and has hit more than five million downloads on Huawei’s marketplace.

Wattpad and Transit aren’t the only Canadian apps on the AppGallery that you should keep your eye on, either. There’s the well-known Indigo, Weather Network, Cineplex and PressReaderapps as well.

Cineplex Mobile helps users find the closest movies theatres, pay for tickets and more. Unfortunately, until theatres re-open, you’ll likely find the Cineplex Store app a lot more helpful. The Cineplex Store aids users in buying and renting new movies so they can watch them from home as well as with friends and family while waiting for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to be over.

Next up is the Indigo app, which lets users purchase books, gifts, music, home accessories and more, and get these items shipped directly to your home. Additionally, Indigo offers more than seven million products to choose from that come from a broad assortment of items and categories.

The Weather Network app we all know and love, uses your device’s location settings to find where you are so it can give you the weather in your city. Moreover, it offers an extended forecast for the next seven days as well as the weather for each hour of the current day. The Weather Network app can also check the humidity, how windy it is as well as the wind’s direction, and when the sun will set or rise.

The PressReader app, on the other hand, gives users unlimited access to thousands of magazines and newspapers globally. To sign into the app, you can use your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or free PressReader account, which makes it incredibly easy to use. The app also lets users create their channel and collections of stories that are specific for the user.


While the above apps are well-known, there many other Canadian apps available on the AppGallery that you may have never heard of, but you should still check out.

Stingray Music is a free music streaming app that’s filled with thousands of curated channels in more than hundreds of genres. Additionally, Stingray also works with Carplay and Android Auto when you’re travelling and is compatible with Chromecast, Sonos wireless HiFi and Airplay. You can also curate your own music experience by liking and blocking the songs.

Huawei has also connected with several Canadian gaming studios, including Alberta-based game developers, Max Games, to bring their Stick War: Legacy title to the AppGallery. The popular game has over 100 million downloads on Android.

Huawei has also partnered with Aeria Canada and will have campaigns launching this July. Aeria Canada also features well-known games like American Block Sniper Survival, The Survival Hunter Games 2, and Survival Hunter Games: American Archer. These are fast-paced 3D games with pixel-cube graphics and multiple levels to explore that you enjoy on the AppGallery.

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It’s only been a couple of months, and Huawei’s AppGallery is already starting to get tons of Canadian apps. If you’re a developer in Canada and want your one of your apps on the AppGallery and need help, you can contact the dedicated team at CanadaBD@huawei.com.

And developers can learn more about the Huawei AppGallery through its dedicated site here.

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