Mophie and InvisibleShield are producing UV phone sanitizers

Your smartphone carries a lot of germs, which is particularly dangerous given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result, it isn’t exactly shocking more smartphone accessory manufacturers are moving into the UV phone sanitizer space. One of the accessory makers now offering a UV phone sanitizer is Zagg, the company behind the Mophie and InvisibleShield brands.

Mophie’s new UV Sanitizer is capable of cleaning a smartphone with up to a 6.9-inch display and killing 99.9 percent of germs in six minutes. The UV sanitizer also works with smaller objects like credit cards and earbuds.

One impressive multi-purpose feature is the device actually charges your phone while cleaning it thanks to its built-in 10W wireless charger.

There isn’t much of a difference with InvisibleShield’s sanitizer when compared to Mophie’s beyond the fact that you can’t charge your device will it’s being sanitized.

You can pick up the Mophie UV sanitizer for $79.99 USD (roughly$110 CAD), while InvisibleShield’s UV sanitizer costs $59.99 USD (about $82 CAD).

You can order both devices on Zagg’s website.

Image Credit: Zagg