Google’s simpler Nest Aware subscription model is now in Canada

Canadians can now get access to Nest Aware for $8 per month or Nest Aware Plus for $16 per month

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Google’s simplified Nest Aware pricing is finally arriving in Canada.

Some seven months after Google announced plans to change up its Nest Aware subscriptions, Canadians can now take advantage of the new pricing. Previously, Nest charged on a per-camera basis in $5 CAD, $10 and $30 per month increments depending on how many days of video history users wanted. Obviously, that could add up quickly for people with a lot of cameras.

Now, there are two ‘whole-home’ Nest Aware subscriptions. The basic Nest Aware costs $8 per month or $80 per year and includes 30 days of ‘Event video history.’ Nest Aware Plus, however, costs $16 per month or $160 per year. It includes 60 days of Even video history as well as 10 days of 24/7 video history.

Event video history includes recordings of motion and sound captured by a camera.

Other than that, both plans include ‘Intelligent alerts’ that let users know when a Nest camera detects sounds or a person. It also includes ‘Activity Zones,’ which let users specify important areas in their home. Nest will alert users when something happens in one of those areas.

Additionally, both subscriptions let users create and share clips captured by the Nest cameras.

The subscription will cover all the Nest cameras in users’ homes as well as devices like the Nest Mini, Google Home and Home Max, Nest Hub and Hub Max and the Nest Wifi Point. These devices either have a Nest camera built-in or can use their microphones to listen for things like smoke alarms and alert users about them.

Further, the Nest Hello doorbell reportedly is getting access to package detection. The feature previously debuted in the U.S.

Those interested can learn more about the new Nest Aware subscriptions on Google’s Nest website.