Plex releases new music player and server admin apps

Both of these apps look pretty slick

Online media file hosting software Plex has updated its music-focused Plexamp app and released a new server admin app for its users.

The Plexamp update brings a new design that the company says is easier to browse, plus a new feature that makes custom music mixes based on songs in your library.

The download option has been revamped to be more straightforward in this release as well.

You can also download this app on iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and Linux. You can find download links for all of those platforms here.

The new sever managment-focused app is called Plex Dash. Plex is a program that turns a portion of your computer into a server, so being able to manage that remotely is awesome but likely a little technical for some.

You can monitor what content is playing where, edit artwork, scan for new media and more all from your phone.

Both these are fantastic features and any Plex power-users that have a lot of music or media to sort will likely find these new apps useful.

You can find out more about these features on Plex’s blog.  You can download Plex Dash on iOS and Android.

Image credit: Plex 

Source: Plex