Freedom Mobile BYOD plans offer 9GB for $40 and more

The other option is 15GB for $60 a month

Canada’s underdog carrier, Freedom Mobile, has a new slate of deals on its websites and the highlights include some awesome pricing for bring your own phone (BYOD) plans.

The website says the two plans are only available in Freedom’s physical stores but the 9GB plan seems to be available online as well.

The first plan includes 9GB of data and only costs $40 per month plus tax. The main caveat with this deal is that it only lasts for 12 months. So in a year, the price will go up slightly. It’s also worth noting that this plan comes with 500MB of Freedom’s nationwide roaming data.

The second plan has 15GB of data and costs $60 per month. This plan isn’t listed on Freedom’s website to purchase, but it says you can get it in stores. It lasts for two years, so you’ll get this discount for longer than the 9GB plan.

Source: Freedom Mobile