Facebook adds more parental controls to ‘Messenger Kids’

Parents can now remotely log their child out of the app

Facebook has improved parental controls for its messaging app for children under 13, which is called Messenger Kids.

The app now lets parents view their child’s recent contacts and chat history. Parents also have the ability to remotely log their child out of the app.

They can also see a log of images that their child has sent within chats, along with a list of contacts that their child has blocked.

Further, parents can download all of their children’s information from the app. This includes information about all of the messages, videos and images that the child has sent or received. Facebook has a similar feature for its standard Messenger app.

“We’ve updated the Messenger Kids privacy policy to include additional information about our data collection, use, sharing, retention and deletion practices,” the social media giant wrote in a blog post.

Facebook says it plans to enable Messenger Kids users to provide feedback directly in the app when something isn’t working and run user surveys to help improve features.

Source: Facebook