Apple to drop support for Adobe Flash on Safari soon

The tech giant is ready to completely detach itself from the plugin

Safari icon

Apple has removed support for Adobe Flash in the recent release of Safari Technology Preview, which indicates what’s coming to the public release soon.

Tech giants have been distancing themselves from the dying plugin for quite some time, and now Apple is ready to do so permanently as well.

Apple was one of the first companies to acknowledge the problems with the plugin, which has been filled with bugs and flaws. It refused to support Flash back in 2007, and several other companies including Facebook and Google followed shortly after.

Further, Adobe said in 2017 that it was planning to end support for Flash in 2020, so we can expect the plugin to disappear for good by the end of the year.

This new development won’t really impact Safari users since Apple stopped pre-installing Flash on Mac back in 2010. After that, users had to install it on their own, but then the tech giant started disabling Flash by default in macOS Sierra.

It does show that Apple is ready to fully distance itself from Flash altogether.

Source: WebKit Via: Engadget