Google, Alphabet CEO says artificial intelligence needs to be regulated

He says there should be some sort of international agreement on regulatory issues

Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai believes that there is a need for sensible regulation of artificial intelligence.

In an editorial for the Financial Times, Pichai wrote that although AI is powerful and useful, its potential harms need to be considered. He says that this can be done through some sort of international agreement on regulatory issues.

Pichai states that perhaps Alphabet’s internal methods of how to handle AI could serve as a guideline, as he believes that the company avoids biases and focuses on privacy and safety. This claim is debatable, as Google is currently being investigated for its data collection practices.

He goes on to say that Google will never use AI to support mass surveillance or violate human rights. This comes after Amnesty International stated that tech giants like Google pose a systematic threat to human rights due to personal data concerns.

Although it’s clear that AI should be regulated, how this is done is important. The regulations need to be clear and applicable in ways that hold companies accountable.

Canada is aware of the dangers that AI could pose, but also recognizes that it’s important technology that can greatly benefit Canadians. To monitor the tech, the federal government launched an advisory council for artificial intelligence last year, which is designed benefit from AI while maintaining Canadian values.

Source: Financial Times Via: Engadget