Bell says it’s ready to launch ‘early 5G service’ this year

The carrier says it's ready to launch this year as capable smartphones become available

The race for 5G networks in Canada is on, as Bell says that it is ready to launch “early 5G service” this year as eligible smartphones become available.

This comes as Rogers has started to roll out its 5G network in downtown Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal so it’s ready when 5G devices become available.

Now, Bell says that it’s ready to launch similar early 5G services this year.

“As Canada’s leading investor in communications networks, Bell is ready to launch similar Early 5G service in these and other centres this year as capable smartphones become available,” Marc Choma, director of communications at Bell, told MobileSyrup in an email.

“Canada has the opportunity to lead the world in 5G if our regulatory environment continues to encourage wireless infrastructure investment. Policies that hamper or restrict the significant capital investment required will lead to the opposite outcome,” he wrote.

BCE’s new CEO, Mirko Bibic, recently said that Huawei’s equipment is “top-notch” and that he would like the option to work with it to roll out Bell’s 5G network in Canada.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Telus, the remainder of the Big Three, regarding the status of its 5G network plans