Facebook now sends notifications when you interact with third-party apps

You’ll receive a notification if you log into a third party app with your Facebook account


Facebook has launched a new feature that sends you a notification when you use your account to interact with third-party apps.

The notification reminds users that they have full control over the information that they share with third-party apps. It also gives users the option to edit these settings.

You’ll receive a notification if you log into a third-party app with your Facebook Login and grant the app access to your information. It’ll also send you a notification if an app’s access to your information has expired.

If you want to see which apps currently have access to your login, you can do so by using the privacy checkup tool. You can also choose to revoke access if you no longer want to be connected to that app.

This is helpful because users often choose to log in with their Facebook account rather than making a whole new account for an app to save time. Since it’s such an easy process, you may have forgotten how many apps you’ve granted access to.

It seems that the social media giant is trying to take steps to regain users’ trust after it has come under fire for its security practices and refusal to ban political ads.

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Source: Facebook