AirPods Pro firmware update adds more bass but makes noise-cancelling less effective

The firmware update is listed as '2C54'

AirPods Pro

If you’ve noticed your AirPods Pro aren’t quite as good at noise-cancelling as they used to be, you aren’t alone.

A recent update to the AirPods Pro seems to have reduced the wireless earbuds’ ability to isolate audio. Montreal-based Rtings, a website that reviews TVs and headphones, recently ran a test with the AirPods Pro with the new update installed and discovered that recent complaints from several users are accurate.

With update ‘2C54,’ it seems Apple has reduced noise isolation to improve the amount of bass the earbuds emit. While the AirPods Pro feature more bass now, there seems to be a tradeoff in quality with the active noise-cancelling.

I noticed that after coming back from the holiday break noise-cancelling didn’t seem to be working that well, but I assumed I was imagining the problem since it had been a few weeks since I used the earbuds.

Apple pulled the firmware update following its release, but some users –including myself– already have installed it. To check what firmware your AirPods Pro are running, navigate to ‘About’ under iOS 13’s ‘General’ settings. Next, select ‘AirPods Pro’ to view what version of firmware the wireless earbuds are running.

It’s likely Apple will soon release a fix for this problem.

Source: Rtings