SanDisk prototypes 8TB portable SSD, the world’s biggest portable storage drive

SanDisk is also launching its 1TB keychain-sized flash drive

SanDisk has revealed a prototype of a new 8TB portable SSD, the biggest ever portable storage drive. The prototype, however, is small enough to fit in your pocket.

This is currently only a prototype, but spec-wise, it offers ‘SuperSpeed’ USB speeds up to 20Gbps. SanDisk may not be bringing this to market today, but a product like this is possible down the line.

Also unveiled at CES 2020 was a SanDisk 1TB Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB-C dual connector drive that also sports USB-A. Amusingly, this USB flash drive was a prototype at CES 2018.

This drive is small enough to fit on a keychain, though don’t let the size fool you, as it will cost $249.99 USD (roughly $324 CAD) when it becomes available later this quarter.

Source: Western Digital