Google is adding a built-in ‘Watchlist’ on iOS and Android

The Watchlist can be found on the web or in the Google app

Google app on Pixel 2 XL

Google is making it easier to track the movies and TV shows you’ve watched and want to watch with a built-in watchlist. The feature was first spotted on Reddit and reported by 9to5Google.

When looking up a movie, there is now a new card under the trailers with buttons that read ‘Watched it?’ with a checkmark and ‘Watchlist’ bookmark icon. Additionally, if the movie is still in the theatres there will be a ‘Get Tickets’ button that reveals the showtimes.

New “Watched It?” Option on Google from r/Android

Tapping the ‘Watched It?’ button changes the text to read ‘Watched.’ Meanwhile, pressing the ‘Watchlist’ button adds it to Google’s bookmark list.

Heading to google.com/save reveals the new Watchlist with cover art for the movies and shows. When something is on your Watchlist, Google notes other content also on your list as well as the option to ‘view all.’

Tapping ‘view all’ generates a search on the web that showcases your collection with the option to share. You can also type “my watchlist” into the Google search bar to take a peek at your complete watchlist as well as film release dates.

There’s no way to browse what you’ve watched, unfortunately.

The feature hasn’t rolled out to everyone yet, and it will be only available on mobile through the web or the Google app for Android and iOS.

Source: Reddit, 9to5Google