G Suite users will be able to look for Drive files in Chrome search bar

The update will be available starting December 16th

Google Drive

The latest G Suite update brings Drive file suggestions within Google Chrome’s URL search bar.

This feature for G Suite users will start rolling out on December 16th, 2019. Drive file suggestions in Chrome will let users search for their Drive files within the Chrome URL search bar and not need to go elsewhere.

This feature will be enabled by default for organizations. Admins will have a new setting in their ‘Admin console,’ which will allow this to work.

If the Admin leaves this feature on, users who are signed in and opted in Chrome sync will see the Drive suggestions in the Chrome URL bar, but only for their synced account.

Furthermore, users who don’t see this and suggestions are turned on in their domain can head to their browser settings, under the people tab, click sync, and then turn on ‘Google Drive search suggestions.

Source: Google Blog