This Tesla Cybertruck made of mashed potatoes is a work of art

The truck is powered by gravy instead of electricity

Cybertruck mashed potatoes

First there was the Lego Cybertruck — which is obviously better looking than the actual thing — and now we have another take on Tesla’s boxy electric truck made out of purely mash potatoes.

Dan Milano (@DanMilanoHere), a producer for NowThis, recently tweeted a video of his brother’s efforts to recreate Tesla’s Cybertruck using only mashed potatoes. The work of art bears a striking resemblance to the Cybertruck, right down to its rather strange angular design.

In a series of tweets, Milano says that the sculpture took his brother over an hour to create. There’s an entire thread documenting the painstaking process his brother went through carving the Cybertruck out of a delicious dish of mash potatoes. The design even includes the smashed windows from the Cybertruck’s reveal, along with its tail gate that expands into a ramp.

Milano stated on twitter that his brother, Greg, created a “mashterpiece” every year. For instance, he’s also created a mashed potato sculpture of New York City’s Guggenheim Museum,

I assume that rather than a battery, this mashed potato Cybertruck is powered by pure gravy.

Source: @DanMilanoHere Via: The Verge