Apple might bundle TV, news and music under one subscription in 2020

It's unclear how much this bundle would cost

Apple Music

It’s been rumoured for months that Apple could have plans to bundle all of its platforms under one fee to bolster its subscription offerings.

Now, according to a recent Bloomberg report, this shift might happen as soon as 2020. The publication states that Apple’s recent deal with publishers includes a provision that would allow News+ to be included in this bundle. Reports have also emerged regarding Apple working out a similar deal with record labels when it comes to Apple Music.

Packing all of its platforms — Apple News+, Apple TV+, Apple Music and Apple Arcade — under one unified banner makes sense given the company’s push to transition to services over the last few years.

What’s unclear is precisely how much this bundle might cost, particularly in Canada.

Apple News+ is priced at $12.99 CAD, Apple TV+ is $5.99, Apple Music costs $9.99 and Apple Arcade is $4.99. The price for all these services under one bundle would likely be somewhere in the $25 CAD range. There’s also a possibility that Apple could charge $30 and include some amount of addition iCloud storage.

It’s also unclear how the record label and publisher cut of subscription fees would change with this bundle.

As always, these are just rumours. We’ll have to wait for 2020 to know for sure what Apple’s plans to bundle its services are.

Source: Bloomberg