Google shares awesome ‘.new’ web shortcuts from Spotify, Bitly and more

These '.new' shortcuts are excellent little time savers

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About a year ago, Google created some handy new internet shortcuts for its Google Docs, Sheets and Slides apps. Using the ‘.new’ domain, users could quickly start a new document, spreadsheet or slideshow by typing ‘docs.new,’ ‘sheets.new‘ or ‘slides.new‘ into the address bar.

Since then, Google opened up .new to everyone. Any company or organization can register .new domains. Google put together a list of some of the most useful ones:

  • playlist.new – Create a new playlist to add songs on Spotify
  • story.new – Write about what matters to you on Medium
  • canva.new – Create beautiful designs with your team
  • webex.new – Starts a personal meeting room from any browser through Cisco Webex
  • link.new – Create new links with Bitly
  • invoice.new – create, customize and send customer invoices directly from the Stripe dashboard
  • api.new – RunKit shortcut for creating new Node.js API endpoints
  • coda.new – Simplify your team’s work with a new doc that combines documents and spreadsheets into a single canvas
  • music.new – creat personalized song artwork for OVO Sound Artist releases
  • cal.new – create a new Google Calendar event

However, there are plenty of other quick shortcuts that didn’t make the list. Google points out OpenTable’s ‘reservation.new,’ eBay’s ‘sell.new‘ and GitHub’s ‘repo.new‘ as other examples of great .new usage.

To register a .new domain, head over to ‘whats.new.’

You can learn more in this Google blog post.