Here’s how to disable background video and autoplay on Disney+

The newly launched streaming service lets you disable autoplay and background video

Disney+ Canada

Disney+ has launched to the public and offers viewers a way to disable autoplay and background video.

Many streaming services like Netflix have an autoplay feature that automatically starts the next episode of a series that you’re watching. Disney has included a way for users to shut off this feature in its apps.

To disable the feature, you have to go into your app settings and select ‘Edit Profile’ and then click on the pencil icon. You can then toggle the ‘Autoplay’ setting on and off.

Similarly, you can also disable background video on the web, Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV, and Android TV apps. Background video autoplays when you’re reading a description of a movie or TV.

To turn off this feature, you have to select ‘Edit profile’ and click on the pencil icon. Then you have the option to toggle the ‘Background video’ option on and off.

Disabling these features allows you to scroll through the list of content without any distractions.

Source: Android Central